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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Everything All The Time

I love the internets. Hotwire in particular. Our first leg of the trip went smoothly. Check-in and security at the airport were swift and the flight was all right. Getting from the Seattle airport to the shuttle to retrieve the rental car? Super slick. And I laughed when I was given the keys. I’m driving [...]

Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Seems I’ve got a knack for putting my luggage away after a trip without first removing everything from it. The other day I grabbed one suitcase and found in it a movie wallet - containing many DVDs - that had been missing since our trip up to Duluth. Last Fall. Yesterday I pulled out the [...]

Sitting Around At Home

It’s for the best that I’m skipping The Boredoms at First Avenue tonight, even if it is “in the round” and sounds awesome and all. It can’t be all tattoos and shows and fun every night of the week (but I am hitting up a show on Thursday). Tonight’s been more on the mundane side. [...]

Conspiracy To Pervert

Enough already, with Americans co-opting movies and television shows from other countries. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are rightfully upset…about the American remake of Spaced that’s in the works. About which they were never even consulted. I really really hope the show doesn’t happen. But I fear it will.
In other news, the ex is going [...]

Pointless and Depressing Slices of Life

Catching up on my blog post reading I noticed Mimi Smartypants had hit the nail on the head - about spring fever vs. spring malaise. Our kids seem to be ratcheting up the crazy, while we parents are on the other end of the spectrum, knocked on our asses by extreme exhaustion. Minnesota’s never-ending winter [...]

Humanizing Self Expression

I’d like to see Bedlam’s Iron Mermaiden, “an Iron-Man talent competition set in a genetically modified future- where mermaids, created as highly prized works of art, are pitted against each other to win the ultimate prize- the opportunity to be immortalized” - the show ends on Sunday.
Tomorrow night Leslie and the Lys are back in [...]

I Want More Than Can Be Given

Some day I’d like to take the little man to The Echo Park Time Travel Mart (the L.A. chapter of the 826 National mission). The kid is still on a big time travel kick, mostly due to his love of the Back to the Future movies. But it’s bittersweet. He often talks about wanting [...]

Delicious Party Time Fun Magic Awesomeness

DST still has me in a haze. I’m not so good with the waking up in the dark. Still, it’s been a decent week, with more fun to come. We kicked things off on Monday by seeing Be Kind Rewind. That marked the first time I took the little man to see a non-children’s movie [...]

Short Attention Spans Welcome

No Cupcake Saturday this week. Poor Sheela had the flu. But because of that we were able to stay home all day yesterday (even curled up with the little man to watch the hour long Lost Heroes episode of The Batman), a nice break from our usually hectic schedules. Speaking of…it was another busy week. [...]

Emphasizing What’s Not Right

Apparently my fidget ain’t quite right (seen below), but I never would’ve noticed. My neighbor to the South needs to not fret about it, but I will mail it back. Soon. I promise. And then she can tweak the toggles all she likes.
So. I am exhausted. Anxiety is causing me to sleep even more [...]