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Short Attention Spans Welcome

No Cupcake Saturday this week. Poor Sheela had the flu. But because of that we were able to stay home all day yesterday (even curled up with the little man to watch the hour long Lost Heroes episode of The Batman), a nice break from our usually hectic schedules. Speaking of…it was another busy week.



  • A three hour commute Wednesday morning, due to sloppy weather combined with a semi truck rollover on 94W.
  • Learning about Health Savings Accounts at work. Sounds like it will be a good thing in the long run, but stressful to set up initially. And that $2500 deductible is going to hurt.

Such stress sends me in search of any kind of escapism for relief. I re-read a fave book, Robin McKinley’s Sunshine. And continued the vampire kick with two new guilty pleasures, Twilight (apparently a film adaptation is already being made) and its sequel, New Moon. Now I need to pick up Eclipse.

Trying to get motivated today, but the little man has rediscovered Invader Zim. And daylight savings is throwing me off my game, as always, but I need to get myself to the gym. If I do so at least eight times a month, my new health insurance plan will pay a portion of my membership fee. That’s a decent incentive. For me. The kid couldn’t care less.

tiptoeing through the tulips

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