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Monthly Archives: June 2007

The Hawks Alight Till Morning

I have no shame. As soon as I got home from work I changed into pajamas. And then ate some leftover sweet and sour mock chicken, cold, right out of the to-go box, while sitting on the stepladder in my kitchen. The little man? He wanted cereal for dinner, instead of his Evergreen leftovers, and [...]

Age is Relative

Happy Birthday to me! And to my Dad (I was born on his 29th birthday). Started the day out by delivering a cupcake to the police station, where he works. After that it was on to a parent/teacher conference. I met with the little man’s special ed teacher, who brought up something of a downer. [...]

The Dangerous Person

Frustration levels are so high I feel like screaming. This week has really been up and down. But I will try to focus on the up with people aspects.

The lovely Zophia is thirty years old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
J is planning to make 60 cupcakes for my birthday. SIXTY. That is a lot of cupcakes.
The ever [...]

The Opposite of Trees

So I splurged on something. My old metal bed frame had been with me for fourteen plus years, but after enduring two failed marriages and other relationship-like mishaps, it was time for retirement. It had become so rickety and awkward. Even from the beginning the footboard stuck out inconveniently. I was forever bumping into it [...]

You Sunk My Battleship!

The weekend started off well enough. Last night the little man and I had a sleepover at J’s place, which involved Everfood for dinner (leftovers from two of our fave restaurants, Everest and Evergreen). Yet another viewing of Howl’s Moving Castle. And to top it all off? Some vegan cupcakes, that could possibly take over [...]

The False Expectation

Some old friends, a couple, are helping me get my house prepped and ready to sell. She’s a realtor. He’s a lot of things, including something I am most certainly not - handy. He’s got a key to my place and has been doing this and that. Plastering, priming, painting, etc. Yesterday he called from [...]

A Kung Fu of Slumber

It’s crazy hot out, like August-style, and when I’m inside my too-warm house all I want to do is sleep…but when I sleep I only do so fitfully. Outside of the artificially cool environs of my office I am useless. But just this morning I was thinking that life is good. That, for the first [...]

Flying and Fading

Today I’ve been completely devoid of energy, but the rest of the weekend was on the stellar side. Highlights included:

Walking around Whittier and Uptown on a beautiful Friday night;
Kinh Do;
Girl-talking on the phone with Maria (who will be visiting in a few short weeks);
Oceans Thirteen (I know someone, not me, who remarked “I’m going [...]

Horizons of Focus

On a recent visit to grandma’s house the little man saw The Chronicles of Narnia, a movie I haven’t yet seen (nor did I ever read the books). But now I don’t have to. Over the last several days he has been imparting much crucial plot information…because he still doesn’t grasp the concept of spoilers. [...]

Between Stability and Chaos

It may seem kind of backwards, but I get all of my news about teevee from other mediums. Like the internets, word of mouth, and the radio. Tonight I was listening to MPR in the kitchen, as I do, when I heard about yet another great British show being Americanized. Tonight saw the debut of [...]