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A Kung Fu of Slumber

It’s crazy hot out, like August-style, and when I’m inside my too-warm house all I want to do is sleep…but when I sleep I only do so fitfully. Outside of the artificially cool environs of my office I am useless. But just this morning I was thinking that life is good. That, for the first time in a real long while, I am generally content. But then. As usual. A quick succession of sucker punches knocked me back down to earth.

  • With nearly no notice, the little man’s childcare program is raising its rates. From $59/day to $80/day. Ouch. That one is below the belt.
  • Came home to find another letter from the I.R.S. - this time State, not federal. But we need to pony up for that by July.
  • Flickr, a service I usually find solace in, was effing with me with me all afternoon. I do not enjoy being effed with, especially not by my beloved flickr.
  • Friday’s migraine made a re-appearance.

But not all is dire. Some things are in the in-between:

  • For days now the little man has been wearing a superhero cape. Bright orange. And made of polar fleece. Yes, in this heat. Nothing I can do or say will dissuade him. He claims his superhero powers make him impervious to heat. Handy, no? All I can do is get him to drink more water. And to take long, cool baths, without said cape on.
  • Tomorrow night I have to choose between two really awesome looking and somehow free movies. One, the kitschy Thai cult film, Tears of the Black Tiger. And two, Eagle vs. Shark. Which do you suppose will win? Vote now!
  • Also tomorrow, I won a free lunch for ten at one of my favorite restaurants in town. The downside? We will be subjected to the schpeel of some financial planner guy. But he claims he will bail before the food even arrives.

And finally, something that is straight up awesome:

  • Yesterday 825 TUBS finally hauled the dumpster out of my driveway, after it had been blocking said driveway for over a week. And my neighbors didn’t throw any of their junk into it this time! Yes, I realize that it’s kinda sad that this is the best I could do for my big happy happy news. I’ll try harder next time.
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  1. starfire wrote:

    Ah Duluth has been quite cool so far this year. We had to wear jackets to sit outside tonight.

    I wouldn’t mind a spell of your heat.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 10:19 pm | Permalink
  2. Trade ya!

    That’s actually good to hear. I know two people who will be running Grandma’s marathon this weekend.

    Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

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