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Monthly Archives: June 2014

There She Goes, My Beautiful World

Hello emotions! What a whirlwind. So it’s finally sweet sweet summer. And it’s far too easy to let things slide after such a brutal winter. Now that it’s lush and green and warm I am even more easily distracted. By going for walks or sitting outside on patios. We’re lucky our new place is on [...]

Mist and Vapor

Minnesota is underwater world this week. We live just blocks from the Minnehaha Creek now, which is currently flooding nearby neighborhoods. Thankfully our new place is on higher ground but others are not so lucky. Years ago I lived behind The Wedge Co-op. When I was about eight months pregnant (with my almost 15 year [...]

The Strange Situation Procedure

Last week there was one absolutely gorgeous summer day. Blue skies with puffy white clouds, hot but with low humidity. And on that day I was able to take my son to the beach, and to Sandcastle for afternoon snacks. Saturday the weather wasn’t so lovely. It was all rain and scary skies with wall [...]

The Modern Servants of Fate

School’s out! For summer. And forever. Well, only in that my son won’t be returning to the St. Paul school district. I received a nice message from his case manager yesterday, about how much he had enjoyed my son’s enthusiasm and wit over the past school year. That was nice. But my son and I [...]

An Exaggerated Sense of Responsibility

Well it’s June. We’ve now spent our first full week in our new home, without having any belongings in our old place. Last Saturday was the big push to get everything out by 12:30pm. It was a crazy stressful cluster but it’s over now. And hopefully I’ll be getting the bulk of my damage deposit [...]