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The Strange Situation Procedure

Last week there was one absolutely gorgeous summer day. Blue skies with puffy white clouds, hot but with low humidity. And on that day I was able to take my son to the beach, and to Sandcastle for afternoon snacks. Saturday the weather wasn’t so lovely. It was all rain and scary skies with wall clouds but that didn’t stop the magic. I had the honor of photographing the wedding of two absolutely lovely friends. I did, however, skip the rain-filled Northern Spark Festival afterward. First time I’ve missed it! Sad trombone. Sunday was Father’s Day/our annual shared birthday celebration. He will be 70 next week, on our shared birthday, when I turn a different and not terribly significant age. This week we’ve got lots of prep to do before my son begins summering with his other grandparents. We’re going to be apart an entire month! The longest ever. But I will be flying to Seattle at the end of it to meet him and hang out for a few days before flying us home. That will be fun.

Five good things for this Monday:

The fine folks at Thrillist have rounded up every single outdoor movie in the Twin Cities (122!) and created this 2014 outdoor movie master calendar, organized by date. Unfortunately it’s raining again now and likely to be raining for the rest of the week. I was hoping to get to at least one of these with my son before he leaves town. But since we moved into our new place/school ended he rarely wants to leave at all. Teenagers.

HIJACK dancers

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