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An Exaggerated Sense of Responsibility

Well it’s June. We’ve now spent our first full week in our new home, without having any belongings in our old place. Last Saturday was the big push to get everything out by 12:30pm. It was a crazy stressful cluster but it’s over now. And hopefully I’ll be getting the bulk of my damage deposit back soon. Unpacking isn’t progressing as quickly as I would like. Adding another human and their belongings to the mix really multiplies the degree of difficulty. I can see the shape of things to come, where everything will go and how it will flow, but I can’t quite get us there yet. At least I have the kitchen fully unpacked and organized. And that is wonderful. I’m glad Monday is my son’s last day of school and we will no longer have to get up at 5:30am. Ever again. I particularly won’t miss the daily drives to and from our old place, to catch the school bus. Looking forward to staying put in Minneapolis with the occasional visit to our former city. It has been a little bittersweet though. Like when I turned in my paperwork to cancel my membership at Mississippi Market Co-op. I’d first become a member when I was pregnant with my son, fifteen years ago. Wild.

Five more bittersweet things:

Heliotrope is in full swing again, with X, celebrating ten years of championing interesting and exciting underground music. It is my favorite annual event. Three days of bliss. Sadly I got hit with a migraine for the first night and had to stay home to hunker down in a dark, quiet room. I made it to night two last night and here are my photos. Unfortunately I’m still on the brink with this stupid headache business. Hoping to rally for the third and final night but my poor skull may not be able to take it.

affectionate bandmates

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