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Detatched From Reality

Minnesotans are funny creatures. The winter was ridiculously long and hard. I understand that as much as anyone. But now that the weather has turned all suddenly summer people are really coming ALIVE. Everything is happening, everywhere. Outdoor block parties at big venues, farmers’ markets, street fairs, all the music & movie series in parks. And fashion DON’Ts offending innocent eyeballs everywhere. I took a break from unpacking on Memorial Day to drive my sun out to ValleyFair. It was crowded with (mostly) pale Minnesotan flesh as far as the eye could see. I don’t consider myself prudish but somewhere along the way I became significantly more practical. I saw teenagers and adults alike wearing items that just don’t seem safe at an amusement park. Had to bite my tongue to keep from saying “you’re going to twist your ankle in those sandals! That dangling belly button jewelry is going to get caught on one of the rides! Those extreme short shorts allow far too much of your flesh to come in contact with the seats that others will be sweating on!” But I guess we’ll need to get desensitized to that, as we’ve got unlimited Gold passes for the 2014 season. And I took a long shower to decontaminate as soon as we got home.

Five interesting music-related things:

There’s light at the end of the tunnel finally. Tomorrow we turn over the keys for our old apartment. But it is down to the wire. I took the day off from work to further purge stuff from the old place and haul two car loads of it to the new one. My boyfriend has been too busy with work to help, which sucks, but he did hire a company to clean the danged place up for us. They are doing our dirty work there right now. I was embarrassed to leave them with our filthy fridge but that’s what they get paid for, I guess.

day 252, they're here!

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