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There’s Always A Mountain

Well, the move could have gone more smoothly. But I guess it could have been worse. Somehow. We were ill-prepared and short-handed on Saturday (but oh so appreciative of the friends who did turn up to help - thank you thank you jeebus). We didn’t get our bed re-assembled until well after midnight. And we returned the truck late on Sunday not because we were sleeping in. Oh no, we got up bright and early so we could grab one more big load - mostly filthy garage and backyard items - with just the two of us. Then moved the cats, which went about as smoothly as one might imagine. Memorial Day we moved smaller loads of stuff with our two cars. But the bulk of our belongings have now been schlepped from Point A to Point B. We have until Saturday morning to grab the stragglers. Some clothes, some dishes, some toys, most of my artwork. Gulp. At least I will be in near proximity to the old place twice a day as I drive my son over to get on and off of his regular school bus. I can keep chipping away at it until there’s nothing left. Or whatever is left can get moved straight down to the dumpsters.

Five good things that are slightly old news (from last week) that I’ve been too busy to post:

This coming weekend I *should* focus on getting our new home in order but there’s just so much going on! Like a cover band show with friends’ bands doing Siouxsie & the Banshees and Dolly Parton. And I’ve been asked to photograph the Minnesota Arm Wrestling League for Ladies SUMMER SLAM. How could I say no to that? And a good friend is coming up from the South for just a few short days. But it’s for a job interview and if all goes well he will be returning more permanently, which would be swell. After things calm down a bit I predict we’ll have a pretty kickass summer ahead.

Georgia wants some food

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