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Box and Whisker

Are we there yet? My emotions are a sloppy mix of anticipation and impatience when it comes to our impending move. MAKE IT GO FASTER. Only we’re still not ready due to unplanned un-fun with my boyfriend’s projects at work. Last night we met at IKEA, late, to finally buy the wardrobes and shelves we were supposed to acquire weeks ago (so they’d already be assembled, pre-move). After an hour and a half of shuffling through the store I felt my life force draining with each step yet we ran out of time to actually purchase anything. We need to return tomorrow. But I have a theory, that every visit to IKEA depletes precious health points. And I haven’t located any healing magic in the store. At least I haven’t had a boss fight yet.

My top five aggregator list for today is a mixed bag. Equal parts fun and frustration! Just like my daily life.

  • The lineup for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 in Austin, TX has been announced. And includes King Diamond! And Judas Priest. And Chelsea Wolfe. And Guided By Voices. And Gorilla Biscuits. And Dum Dum Girls. And Julianna Barwick. I totally want to go but don’t have an unlimited travel budget.
  • In the not so fun fun fun, net neutrality is still in jeopardy. We all know the Internet is vital to innovation, economic growth and free expression in America. Here’s a good write up about why having an internet “slow” lane is a terrible idea. Sign a petition to let the FCC know how you feel. Sign a petition to let the President know how you feel. I signed both.
  • Also discouraging, Executive Editor Jill Abramson’s dismissal from the New York Times. Woman at the Top of the Masthead: The media called her “brusque” and “polarizing.” But to young women at the New York Times, Jill Abramson was everything.
  • This is a list I can get behind. Eight Great Books About Comic Books
  • Even with all the chaos in our lives right now we’ve managed to keep up with Game of Thrones. And, even better, Gay of Thrones! Starring hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness, who is just fabulous. And Margaret Cho guest stars in this week’s recap!

    Best of all are the names he gives to each character, which are uncannily dead on, often offensive, and ridiculously funny. There is Jamie Lannister as “Brother D” (short for Brother Daddy), Shae as “Capital City Celine,” and Ygritte as “that beautiful ginger bitch from Downton Abbey.”

In the moving TOO FAST department, I just mailed in my son’s course registration forms for 9th grade. That’s HIGH SCHOOL, like, for real. Happening in September. As he ages and matures our unique challenges change. I had his summer all planned out but those plans have been upended. Thankfully we’ve got some wonderful grandparents and friends who have happily stepped up to ensure he’ll have an amazing summer and I can carry on without worrying. Too much.

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