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Dwelling in Possibility

Often I cook for comfort. To keep myself physically and mentally occupied while stressed. Yesterday it was a crock pot full of vegetarian chili and a batch of black bean brownies (I also walked down to the grocery store and back). I probably need to get a little more Zen instead. Maybe meditate. Dip my toe into the flow of the universe as others are celebrating this Vesak Day (Buddha’s Birthday). But who am I kidding? My brain is all about the distractions and illusory conflicts of the material world. And I will always have more recipes to test out.

Five good things for Thursday:

  • Love this: Iranian women discard their hijabs for ’stealthy freedom’ Facebook page
  • The premiere has been announced for the My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Jesus and Mary Chain documentary Beautiful Noise. Watch the trailer here.
  • This fan made live action Akira trailer is something else. And features the adorable Osric Chau (the prophet Kevin Tran from Supernatural).
  • The first season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was bumpy at times but the finale was spectacular. Thank you Joss Whedon. I’ve also gotten into his little brother Zack’s show, Rubicon. Sad that AMC canceled it after just one season.
  • Some helpful suggestions. Particularly for those of us with flexible work schedules. How To Do Work: 8 strategies to follow when you need to get your shit together and actually accomplish something. Lately I’ve been working from home more than at the office but I manage to keep myself on task by planning out my days. I used to rely on 37 Signal’s BackPack (launched in 2005 “so people could keep life’s loose ends together in one place online”) list but it’s been retired. I switched over to Google Keep to keep track of my loose ends. Well, some of them at any rate

One of my favorite Minneapolis events every year - musical or otherwise - is Heliotrope. Last year the festival had to be put on hold and its absence left a hole in my heart. Happenings like this are inspiring and restorative. Thankfully it’s returning this year. And on a more convenient weekend (for me, personally - it was often held Memorial Day weekend but that’s when we’re moving this year). Heliotrope X will be held June 5th through June 7th and at a new venue - Intermedia Arts in Uptown. The line-up has been announced and it’s chock full of favorites. Really looking forward to this.

May Day Parade 2014

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