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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

As a household we’ve hit a rough patch. Mostly unrelated factors at play, combining to make daily life much harder than it should be. Friday was the 25th anniversary of my brother Tom’s death. Instead of moping all day I focused on my happy memories of him. And celebrated his life by taking my son to the Chatterbox Pub to play the old school Nintendo games my brother enjoyed so much. That day I also picked up my new eyeglasses. Which had to be re-made after the initial prescription made me ill. And they still are not right. My son is in the midst of some teen angst (I’m taking him to a new therapist soon). Yesterday I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with Delta attempting to procure his “unaccompanied minor” plane ticket to visit his grandparents. While my boyfriend put in 14 hours at work yesterday. And on his way home he received a speeding ticket. And we are nowhere near ready for our big move, which is less than two weeks away. It really has been death by a thousand cuts lately. We just have to get to the other side of the Fire Swamp and avoid the Pit of Despair.

Five random things for this gloomy Tuesday:

It hasn’t been all sad trombone style lately. We’ve had some fun times interspersed with the stress. Sunday was both Mother’s Day and my partner’s birthday. In the morning we tried out Corner Table’s new brunch offerings (tasty) in their new space, just a few blocks up Nicollet from the old one. Napped in the afternoon. Stopped by a South Minneapolis backyard to see The Dark Globe Memorial Big Band performing inside a geodesic dome. Then enjoyed a delicious dinner at a new Japanese restaurant called Kyatchi, that focuses on sustainable foods (right up my alley). We are looking forward to residing in our new SW Minneapolis home, so close to lots of friends, restaurants and natural wonders. Oh, and a Lakewinds Co-op is opening near our new place too.

setting up for The Dark Globe Memorial Big Band in the dome

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