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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Tying a Knot in the Rope

What a difference a week (or so) can make. As of Monday, we had heat in our home again. And not just heat, but heat delivered via modern equipment. Our old boiler was the building’s original, complete with coal chute. This week started off with a huge improvement over the last two weeks. And today? [...]

Life Moves Pretty Fast

Last Sunday I was worried about returning to work (from home) after an extended holiday break. But so much has happened since. Tuesday I was anxious about the election in Georgia. Wednesday I was horrified by insurrectionists storming our country’s Capitol. Since Thursday my problems were closer to home. We called the fire department because [...]

Surviving in Place

This afternoon saw an interesting confluence of events. First, I read an article that provided some clarity about my childhood, a fresh perspective on some of my adult relationships, and a better idea about my mental health needs moving forward. I highly recommend this article:
We’ve Got Depression All Wrong. It’s Trying to Save Us.
New [...]

Bounce, Don’t Break

That chapter has closed. 2020 is over and done with but not before bringing us all to our knees, repeatedly. There is cause to be hopeful in 2021 but just as many reasons to be wary and vigilant. Locally, the Minneapolis Police murdered another black man then terrorized his family afterward. And progress has been [...]