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Bounce, Don’t Break

That chapter has closed. 2020 is over and done with but not before bringing us all to our knees, repeatedly. There is cause to be hopeful in 2021 but just as many reasons to be wary and vigilant. Locally, the Minneapolis Police murdered another black man then terrorized his family afterward. And progress has been made in the battle against covid. We have effective vaccines but, as many had feared, there aren’t systems in place in the US to roll them out effectively. Some of it is incompetence but also outright sabotage. Nothing surprises me at this point. And just one little kick in the kidneys on the way out, we found out that MF Doom died.

But today is all about bringing positivity into this new year. So how about five good things?

  • This morning I freshened up my kid’s pink hair color. Apparently, he’s not alone.

    How Pink Hair Came to Define the Aesthetic of COVID-19
    “Very often, pink is thought to have a calming effect.”

  • My son turned 21 back in September but hasn’t been interested in drinking alcohol, which is fine (I waited until I was 36). I was surprised when he mentioned he’d be interested in trying some champagne on NYE so I made sure to have a better quality example on hand. But he didn’t like it, as I predicted.
  • I came to Taskmaster a little late to the game. But I have since watched every episode of all ten series of this amazingly magical show! My son is often irritated by how much I laugh because of it. Hey kid, laughter is the best medicine and all that. I’m still figuring out how I can watch the New Year’s Special. And I’m very much looking forward to series 11. The lineup was announced last month. The showrunners have been fantastic about casting groups of people who complement one another well.
  • There is one man out there who I am simpatico with and that man is Jason Mantzoukas. We like all of the same things! This episode of The Watch podcast was an absolute delight. The Movies, Music, and TV That Helped Us Through 2020, With Jason Mantzoukas
  • Being home so much, I’ve had ample time to come up with interior decorating ideas and home improvements that I cannot implement on my own. Like a white subway tile backsplash for the wall behind the stove and the perfect ceiling fan for the living room to replace the ugly boob light fixture there. I may not be able to do these things now, but I’ll sure be ready to go when the time comes.

While I’ll be relieved to have Biden and Harris in the White House later this month, it’s going to take some massive efforts to undo the damage done by the current administration. I’m lucky that my son is as cautious and realistic as I am. We’re committed to hunkering down at home for the foreseeable future. We’re lucky we can maintain this holding pattern. Partially due to resilience, but largely due to the privilege afforded to me by being employed in tech and being able to work remotely. A lifetime of trauma trained me to be a loner. I don’t do resolutions anymore, but one of my intentions for 2020 was to spend more time trying to connect with other people. Oh, the irony! The pandemic put me right back in my comfort zone with loads of solo time. When it is safe to be around others again I’ll be even more awkward than I was in the before times.

After breakfast, I touched up my son's hair color on this New Year's DAy
Frozen after walking back from Brasa
On the couch with a large cat snoring in my ear

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