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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Pondering the Complexity

While I often try to talk my way around it, my son has a disability. Or so I’m told. However you care to label him I will concede that his autism often makes the daily grind more challenging. From his new teacher:
…while he has made progress in his printing objectives, the skill remains a slow, [...]

Feeling For The Blindfold

Smarter, more resourceful homeowners try to stay one step ahead of decay. Especially in older homes like mine. But me? I tend to squeeze my eyes shut and hope for the best. So naturally the dishwasher and the kitchen sink are on the fritz AT THE SAME TIME. The dishwasher is refusing to latch and [...]

Time Now for Time Later

My new/vintage prescription sunglasses came in yesterday…purchased with a Spectacle Shoppe Groupon! My last pair were from three or four prescriptions ago. Amazing what a difference a current Rx can make. Too bad it’s been so gloomy out I don’t actually need to wear them right now. But if I did they’d look great and [...]

Animal Vegetable Mineral

With Thursday’s five good things I attempt to stay particularly true to the post title:

In case you haven’t seen these commercials yet - Never say “No” to Panda - so very well done.
Listening to the new Swans record, My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky, is getting me excited for next [...]

Degree of Cost

Susie of boygirlparty has it right. I love her idea about taking at least one overnight trip per month. It certainly helps my sanity, though not my pocketbook. But which is more important? It’s a balancing act. Thankfully for me just staying overnight at the boyfriend’s place feels like a vacation…even if it’s really within [...]

The Spark of the Divine

The season of my hermitude seems to have begun. I am happily in homebody mode. I could have arranged for a sitter last Thursday night, to see the Best Coast show at the Triple Rock. But I was content to curl up with cats instead and let my mind wander. Friday night I had the [...]

Tell The World

The lad had another fantastic birthday. On the day itself he brought treats to share at school. After school we caught a showing of Despicable Me at the Riverview Theater, grabbed cupcakes at Cake Eater Bakery and had dinner with the boyfriend at Grand Shanghai. But yesterday was the BIG day. The party with friends [...]

Economy of Motion

With the weather cooling down so nicely I find myself energized - to buckle down and get things done (even with my seasonal allergies going haywire). I’ve been working out, errand running, wrapping up projects, and encouraging the kid with his homework. The lower dew point puts a spring in my step. But it also [...]

Observations Shape Reality

My son has been having a recurring dream. About a talking pig. He encounters it in his grandmother’s backyard in North Carolina. The pig says to him “hey, what’s up?” before dashing off to chase dogs. If only my dreams were so awesome! But mine tend to be on the upsetting side so I am [...]

Encyclopedia of Humans

The first week of school has been a little bumpy but we’ll get it sorted out. And we’re working out the details for the birthday party too. The kid actually asked me for a phone book - I don’t even know if we have one - so he could look up his old classmates’ addresses [...]