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Pondering the Complexity

While I often try to talk my way around it, my son has a disability. Or so I’m told. However you care to label him I will concede that his autism often makes the daily grind more challenging. From his new teacher:

…while he has made progress in his printing objectives, the skill remains a slow, laborious task for him that does not allow him the ability to express his thoughts efficiently.

Yes, this is a thing that I have noticed. To that end he’s always used computers at home and my office and has recently taken to texting me short, silly messages from his new cell phone. But this bit was encouraging:

I would like to talk about transitioning to a goal and objectives that are based upon keyboarding and technology. Parker is bright and could more effectively take notes in class and report his knowledge with some assistive technology device. I could see doing a words per minute objective. I would also see an objective for independently operating some device by choosing files, saving files, transferring files, editing and printing.

Five other good things for this fine Thursday:

This week has been flying by! Been busy with work/life/home (fyi I set up a sharynshoots twitter account, purely for photography-related bits and bobs). But I still have a bajillion tasks to take care of before happy fun vacation times can begin. Feel like I’m playing a game of beat the clock but I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Gulp.

bunch of edamame, on the vine

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