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Economy of Motion

With the weather cooling down so nicely I find myself energized - to buckle down and get things done (even with my seasonal allergies going haywire). I’ve been working out, errand running, wrapping up projects, and encouraging the kid with his homework. The lower dew point puts a spring in my step. But it also reminds me that Fall is on its way and, after that, another long Minnesotan winter. So I’m already in planning mode. Devising ways to make my home even more welcoming (to me) and comfortable so that I can be that much happier hunkering down there during the colder months. To that end I spent a little time last weekend doing something I’d intended to do for YEARS. Pulling various pieces of art out of nooks and crannies. I’d amassed and tucked away quite the collection of items I’d always intended to frame and hang. But I hadn’t gotten around to it until now. I’m preparing to display it all hodge-podge style along the main wall in the stairwell. It’s a huge, empty space that receives a lot of natural light and will be the perfect place to display my myriad acquisitions.

Five good things for today, my son’s 11th birthday!

The weather is particularly brisk today - both cold and rainy. Wouldn’t some hot butterbeer be just the thing? Preferably to imbibe while curled up with a book. And a cat. Instead I’ve promised to take the lad to a movie after school, and to dinner at the restaurant of his choice. But hey, he doesn’t turn eleven every day. That would be weird if he did. Also weird? Thinking that I have now been that magical little man’s mother for eleven years. And also that he is into the men’s shoe sizes and has to wear deodorant. Before you know it he’ll be shaving! The time, it flies.

my little Hulk

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