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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Plans That Turn Towards the Sun

Still struggling with much of the suckiness this year has brought me, but trying to keep calm and carry on. Thankfully distractions abound. Yesterday’s “Free Blowouts” - with the women of Clockwork - was an entertaining change of pace. And last night I attended the booze cruise portion (without falling overboard!) of a friend’s bachelorette [...]

No Cake For You!

The whirlwind hasn’t let up. At all.
Friday: I split up my work day to take the lad on a field trip to Woodlake Nature Center, and later to a kid’s birthday party that felt like a field trip, as it was off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. But it was worth [...]

Drunk on the Rage of Being Alive

Perpetually occupied and pre-occupied but muddling my way through. Trying to focus on the here and now but planning for the future too, as always. Turns out the Monolith Fest is being held the same weekend as ATP in NY. While I am curious about Red Rocks (in general) I find All Tomorrow’s Parties to [...]

From Mild to Medium to Extreme

I can always count on my son to make me smile. And to make me crazy, at times, but mostly to make me smile. When we’re in the car for long journeys he tends to zone out, lost to his own reveries. But when we’re making short trips with frequent stops he drops bits of [...]

Cold Blooded Old Times

Some lessons have to be re-learned. Over and over again. I’m too trusting. Too often I take people and situations at face value. And I tend to think out loud without filtering what I’m saying enough. This isn’t the best combo and I find myself getting burned by it again. Having to figure out who [...]

World Without End

The good times keep rolling. Mother’s Day with my son and later with Mogwai was most enjoyable. Now I’m looking ahead to June and the month long celebration of my birth. The day itself I will be at the Shellac show at the Varsity Theater. But the next day will find me flying out to [...]

Living Without Limits

This weekend has been an emotionally charged one but I’m wending my way through the weirdness. Only time will tell if I am making sound decisions. Significant moments like these somehow make me feel like I’ve been the victim of time dilation. The rest of the world is rushing on, in fast forward, swirling around [...]

Taking the Rough with the Smooch

My step-mother called to rant at me. About Stella McCartney. And the exorbitant prices she charges for her vegan-friendly handbags. “But they’re just plastic!” Yes, you’ve found us out. It’s a vegan conspiracy to sell more plastic to the masses at crazy marked up prices. Vegans everywhere are getting a cut. And we’re laughing all [...]

All We Have Is Now

The weekend was spent in perpetual fun mode. Major and minor concerns were kicked to the curb, temporarily, in pursuit of good times. Which were had and photographed.
Friday night: Nomo played an amazing set at The Whole and things got a little bit rowdy with Retribution Gospel Choir at the 501.
Saturday: The little man [...]

Gravity Always Wins

Yet another SharynLifeFAILâ„¢. I should know better, really, but once again I’ve been bitchslapped by fate. The roommate who was going to move in today didn’t. At the last minute he found cheaper digs, closer to where he works. No hard feelings, really. Just a heaping helping of disappointment. I should have known it couldn’t [...]