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Plans That Turn Towards the Sun

Still struggling with much of the suckiness this year has brought me, but trying to keep calm and carry on. Thankfully distractions abound. Yesterday’s “Free Blowouts” - with the women of Clockwork - was an entertaining change of pace. And last night I attended the booze cruise portion (without falling overboard!) of a friend’s bachelorette party. This weekend also sees the release of Pixar’s Up, which the lad and I are excited for, but will have to hold off on until our social calendar lets up. I suspect we’ll see it more than once at the theater. First indoors, in 3-D, then again at one of the local drive-ins. Tonight I am excited for the kick off of Heliotrope 6. Particularly to see BruteHeart for the first time. What I’ve heard reminds me of The Raincoats and New Bloods, which is a damned fine thing in my book.

Other good things:

  • I watched this video of two young ladies performing Bach on a giant piano several times. So fantastic (and better than the scene in Big, if you ask me).
  • I’m sure last night’s How I Learned About Sex at Happy Ending was awesome. Alas, I could not make it to NYC but I did enjoy the accompanying sex ed video from 1973 about “running frantically about town to find a rubber before your girl loses interest in your boner.” That couple had their own happy ending.
  • While I am stoked for season two of TrueBlood to start next month (and plan to re-watch season first) I am intrigued by a different sort of vampire. From Chan-wook Park, director of Oldboy, comes the tale of a Korean priest-turned-vamp called Thirst. Allegedly being released in the U.S. sometime soon.
  • File this one under beautiful decay, 100 Abandoned Houses.
  • I’ve been so busy I failed to photograph/submit anything to Heavy Table’s Spring Bounty contest, but the winning shots are quite lovely.
  • People may be able to taste words” - more on synaesthesia, which affects me to a degree (I’ve always associated letters and numbers with colors).

Sometime soon I plan to journey to “The Home of Grumpy Old Men” - Wabasha, MN, with my son. An old friend opened his own restaurant there last year (and promised to whip us up a vegan-friendly meal, as much as it may pain him to do so). And we will finally visit Lark Toys, to ride their crazy carousel and play through their mini golf course. I can’t run away from my problems forever, but sunny summertime road trips will certainly help mitigate them.

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  1. josh wrote:

    wow, thirst looks really interesting. true blood can’t start soon enough in my opinion.

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  2. Sharyn wrote:


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