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No Cake For You!

The whirlwind hasn’t let up. At all.

Friday: I split up my work day to take the lad on a field trip to Woodlake Nature Center, and later to a kid’s birthday party that felt like a field trip, as it was off a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. But it was worth the journey - there were giant inflatables in the backyard!
Saturday: Lots of errand-running, including a run-in with a school marching band inside of IKEA. Surreal. I also spent some time fighting with my electric lawn mower only to discover it’s a lost cause. It will cost nearly as much to repair as it was to purchase new. Boo. Saturday night I attended the “Fuck A Fire” benefit show, on behalf of my good friends who lost their apartment to a horrible fire a few months ago. It was good to see our friends and little music community coming together for the cause, especially on a night when there were a billion other shows happening.
Sunday: The lad and I went to the gym, retrieved a nearly new push reel mower from a dear co-worker friend, mowed some of the lawn, went to Super Target (and realized much later I left a bag of groceries behind, d’oh!) then hit up an engagement BBQ for/hosted by some friends, and went swimming after. It was amazing watching my son work the crowd and doing a better job than I do of mingling with people I don’t know very well. Of course he was prompting many folks with his scripted interactions. His two most popular scenarios - 1) taunting others with the piece of chocolate cake he had that he was not sharing. “You want this cake? You can’t have it! Now cry! No cake for you!” And 2) telling individuals they needed to be “punished” while leading them away to the “punishment area” behind the garage. Honestly don’t know where he got that from, but people seemed to be having good times back there and there wasn’t a single complaint.
Monday: Spent the morning ordering goods from MOO and Adorama for the upcoming Red Hot Art Festival, and cleaning the house. In the afternoon we hosted our own BBQ that was going to be a smaller gathering but snowballed, as these things do, until I feared my rickety old deck might collapse. But it held and more good times were had. Though maybe I wouldn’t have panicked so much if I’d had my towel. I realized after that fact that it was Towel Day 2009, in honor of Douglas Adams.

The head-spinning happenings continue this week with a bachelorette booze cruise Wednesday, opening night of the Heliotrope Festival Thursday, Wedding rehearsal/dinner on Friday, the big Wedding on Saturday (my boy is the ring bearer!) and the post-wedding show on Sunday. Phew!

My son with the alien-looking Ramona

Bonus: Eric tied for 4th place in some category of the World Beard and Mustache Championship, and documented the other participants. My son is still fixated with facial hair (though I doubt he’ll be able to grow his own beard by Halloween, as he’d hoped) and loved the pix.
Plus: “The island Socotra lies in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa, belongs to Yemen, and could be one of the strangest places on the planet.” I want to go to there!
And: Bad news for Buffy fans! A new feature film is being planned, without Joss Whedon’s involvement. So what’s the point? I do not approve.

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