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A Different Boat in the Same Ocean

This last week been action packed and amped up on EMOTIONAL CONTENT OVERLOAD. And so it goes for many folks I know, as of late. But my coping skills can stretch only so far. Nearly ready to sign up for a stint in a sensory deprivation tank. Alas, I am claustrophobic. And I’ve got just a little bit of downtime to catch my breath anyhow. I’m busily prepping for this coming weekend, when I’ll be stationed in a booth at the Red Hot Art Festival, alongside two lovely friends. There I will be attempting to enjoy myself and the event (especially the art battles!) while steering my thoughts away from other concerns for a spell. I could do with some drifting.


Bonus: So much art in one town! I was thrilled to hear about Amy Rice’s frosted inspiration cupcake art show at Mitrebox (at Sheela’s Cupcake Saturday). Sadly it’s only happening while I’ll be setting up at Red Hot. Double D’oh!
Plus: The scooter-themed Los Vesperados opens the following weekend, on June 13th, at the Northrup King Building.
And: Also that weekend? The Sweet Hair Poster Show (a sneak peek here). Benefiting the Locks of Love charity.

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