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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Keeping the Spare Key Inside the Safe

I feel like I’m way behind so I’ll just get this all out of my head and spew in chronological order:
The not so good

I’ve been contending with some serious writer’s block/lethargy. Obviously.
Our shower is broken. I’ll have to take baths until I have the money to fix it. Which, at this point, will pretty much [...]

You Think You Really Know Me

Soon I will post a round up of birthday-related activities but first, a quick break for five good things - all sent to me from other folks who know what I like:

The first teaser trailer for Joss Whedon’s Internet musical - Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog - has gone online. Yay!
The garden has been rocked. Well, [...]

The Caprice of Fate

There’s been too much bad news this week. More friends losing their jobs (three of them today). Relationships gone seriously awry. Friends of friends being murdered and mugged, near places I frequent. Folks feeling generally unsafe out and about. Some so much so that they are going to extremes, like stealth cycling at night to [...]

Acting Her Reaction

Monday brought an unexpected boon. Free tickets to see Peter Murphy at the Fine Line. I’d seen him solo once before, and with Bauhaus three times (the reunion tour of 1998) so I knew his set would be worth seeing. And it was.
Now let’s talk about blood-sucking freaks. And I don’t mean goths gone [...]

Because Lost Causes Are More Beautiful

Trying to keep my mind off my troubles. Yesterday’s Cat Attack Orchestra set, at Eclipse Records, was an excellent distraction. Also popped by Cupcake Saturday but did not partake. This crappy cold has left me without the ability to taste food. But I can still appreciate its presentation.
Five items of interest:

A recent appearance by [...]

Crash and Burn Girl

My ex-husband is going on a date. With someone else. Other than me. We have remained close friends since we split up, so I find I’m taking this bit of news very badly. My thoughts on the matter are more irrational than I’d hoped they would be, under the circumstances. When my first husband moved [...]

The Poetry of Possibility

Two weeks from today I turn 35. As per usual, I plan to celebrate for fully half of the month. Minimum. I’d totally go to the Walker’s Rock the Garden event on the 21st, if someone had a spare ticket for me (hint hint). And I’m looking forward to another Pizza Farm adventure with friends. [...]

Broken Spirits on the Mend

I’ve been coming to terms with some bad news. My bubble has been burst - yet again - about this house selling business. Last week my realtor went over his market analysis with me. I’ve been trying to absorb it but all the number crunching in the world isn’t going to help. Even in the [...]

Night of Joy

Still catching my breath from the weekend. Friday night we had our usual Pizza Luce dinner before heading to see Kung Fu Panda, which was clever and cute. Saturday the boy hung out with his grandparents on their boat, so I squeezed in a showing of The Fall at the Uptown Theater, followed by dinner [...]

An Apparently Insoluble Difficulty

Last night I talked to the guy who replaced my boiler. When he took apart the vent for the old one, the innards were completely caked with soot. Just totally blocked up. Which had caused the carbon monoxide problem. But it looked like someone had attempted to clean it out in the past…and had done [...]