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Night of Joy

Still catching my breath from the weekend. Friday night we had our usual Pizza Luce dinner before heading to see Kung Fu Panda, which was clever and cute. Saturday the boy hung out with his grandparents on their boat, so I squeezed in a showing of The Fall at the Uptown Theater, followed by dinner at a new Nepalese restaurant. Then I skedaddled to a wedding reception for my co-worker Alex and his lovely new bride Brinsley. Afterwards it was time for the Turf Club and the final installment in a series of shows celebrating Modern Radio Records 9th Anniversary. I stayed at the after-party later than intended and wound up getting to sleep around 6am Sunday. Which would’ve been all right, but the little man decided he wanted to come home early - around 8am - before I was ready to return to active parenting. Them’s the breaks.

self, in dance studio mirror

The boy is growing like crazy. His summer clothes from last year are all skin tight and he has now bumped up to the biggest size at Gymboree. I ordered some shorts and whatnot for him, and scored this Octopus shirt - which definitely doesn’t come in my size.

Time is flying by. Father’s Day is around the corner, followed by the birthday I share with my Dad. And I remember hearing about the upcoming Star Wars exhibit ages ago, but it opens this weekend! I’m taking the little man - and my Dad - to the Science Museum this month to check it out. When I purchased our tickets online I was surprised that I had to choose what specific time we’d be entering the exhibit. I guess it’s a thing now.

day 159, beginning of a busy evening

Bonus: I would love to join Björk and Sigur Rós at a free outdoor concert in Reykjavik on June 28th. Sadly that’s not in the cards. But a little road trip to Chicago might just be.
Plus: Magically twisting into tentacled horrors - the pulchritudinous creations of Dan Hillier, who I’ve only just discovered (via the Fabulist and boingboing).
And: The real life Prince of Persia - David Zandi - won’t be cast in the upcoming film, despite his best efforts. It seems Orlando Bloom has been bypassed too in favor of Jake Gyllenhaal, which only makes me go buh?


  1. em wrote:

    Wait - don’t come to Chicago June 28th! I’ll be way up north in Wisconsin at a wedding that weekend!

    Just kidding, you can come to Chi-town regardless of whether I’m here, but I will be sad I missed you.

    Friday, June 13, 2008 at 10:26 am | Permalink
  2. Oh, don’t worry, if we get to Chicago it will be sometime in mid-July. Maybe House on the Rock too…

    Friday, June 13, 2008 at 10:42 am | Permalink

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