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Acting Her Reaction

Monday brought an unexpected boon. Free tickets to see Peter Murphy at the Fine Line. I’d seen him solo once before, and with Bauhaus three times (the reunion tour of 1998) so I knew his set would be worth seeing. And it was.

Now let’s talk about blood-sucking freaks. And I don’t mean goths gone bad, I mean mosquitoes. They’ve always been more attracted to me than to those around me - like my blood is oh so much sweeter. Other folks will get a couple of bites after being outside for hours. After a quick trip to take out the trash I return covered in angry red welts. So this news is particularly unwelcome:

Bumper crop of mosquitoes expected
Spokesman Mike McLean of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District says it may feel like there are two or three years’ worth of mosquitoes out this summer.

A big BOO to that.

Also? Not looking forward to having the the Republican National Convention in my backyard, for so many reasons.

day 168, getting weird - with lipstick

Bonus: A fellow vegan gave me the heads up about Oprah’s 21-day vegan diet. My friend’s commentary on the matter is the most amusing part: “I’m not sure if you know this, Sharyn, but being vegan typically entails turning down pies from billionaires and movie stars. I don’t know how anyone does it, really. Especially when there’s no vegan food in Vegas.”
Plus: TV in Japan never fails to amuse.
And: I’ve been thinking about getting the little man a big trike for some time now, like a Desoto or a Torker. But this Steampunk trike is so much cooler.

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