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Monthly Archives: November 2013

This Is Not a Test

Last year I was barfing up a storm Thanksgiving week thanks to my first encounter with norovirus. This week I definitely have an appetite. And it’s for comfort food. I made a batch of crockpot mac & cheese. More squash dishes are in the works. And I’m planning to crank out a couple of maple [...]

The Loom of the Land

My wanderlust flares up regularly. An itch I can’t always scratch. I *could* blame it on social media but in the olden days before the information super highway I was hooked on travel shows on public television. Now with twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest and other sm channels it’s more immediate and intimate. People I know [...]

Ritual for Consumption

Every Fall I look forward to Halloween and its trappings so much. Afterward I steel myself mentally and emotionally. Because I’m never ready for the “holiday” blitz when it hits. It is TOO MUCH. It is depressing to listen to NPR’s Marketplace and realize how much our economy relies on this unnatural shopping “season.” We [...]

Rapid High Current Events

Running a small business is no small thing. I’ve never thought to take on such a venture but I know others who have. Sadly the failure rate is HIGH. And another one bites the dust. My son and I really enjoyed Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade. I was able to share a slice of my childhood [...]

This Journey Round the Sun

The US really needs to retire daylight savings. I like the proposal to maintain just two time zones, one hour apart. It doesn’t matter if we’re falling back or springing ahead, arbitrarily changing “time” messes with me (and nearly everyone I know). And it is unproductive and counter-intuitive. It doesn’t help that our neighborhood’s power [...]

Let Go Of The Trapeze

I knew it wouldn’t last but there was a brief period in the past couple of weeks - where I was all caught up on photo editing. Client work anyhow. And most of my personal stuff. I know of two or three batches I haven’t finished from summertime but they will have to wait. Last [...]