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Rapid High Current Events

Running a small business is no small thing. I’ve never thought to take on such a venture but I know others who have. Sadly the failure rate is HIGH. And another one bites the dust. My son and I really enjoyed Rusty Quarters Retro Arcade. I was able to share a slice of my childhood with him and he’s always been Nintendo-obsessed. Last Wednesday was the arcade’s last night open to the public so we were there. I played Centipede while he played Donkey Kong. And we played some two player Mario Bros and Ms. Pac Man. I know of another arcade like it, in Portland, called Ground Kontrol. But we can’t exactly pop by after school. Sad.

Five interesting things:

Some say cars are coffins / cars = death. That may be true to a certain degree. But it can be more generally agreed that cars = stress. Big boxes of wtf? When things go wrong. And they often do. Over the weekend the boyfriend’s usually reliable and not very old Honda was acting up. It wouldn’t shift into 2nd or 4th gears. You kinda need those gears. So he took it into the dealership yesterday. The initial diagnostics showed something wrong with the synchros. Upon closer inspection the mechanic found a GIANT WALNUT stuck in the shifting linkage. Maybe it’s a global squirrel conspiracy. The squirrels are organizing, trying to get their biggest threats off the road.

Parker's 13th Birthday Party

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