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This Journey Round the Sun

The US really needs to retire daylight savings. I like the proposal to maintain just two time zones, one hour apart. It doesn’t matter if we’re falling back or springing ahead, arbitrarily changing “time” messes with me (and nearly everyone I know). And it is unproductive and counter-intuitive. It doesn’t help that our neighborhood’s power went out for a while Monday night, right around bedtime. When the power came back on an hour later we had to reset all of the clocks we had just changed the day before. Except for my son’s battery operated Darth Vader clock, I guess.

Five items of note:

  • Speaking of time and and timing and how it affects our well-being - What Is the Exactly Perfect Time to Drink Your Coffee? This stuff is fascinating. “Most people drink coffee first thing in the morning. But is that the right way to do it? If you’ve ever had coffee and felt like it didn’t work, you’ve run into the field of chronopharmacology—the study of how medications and drugs interact with your biology.”
  • How working remotely changed my life (and can change yours, too). I may be working remotely but I still have co-workers who share things (sharing is caring) with me like “Cats Wearing Tights“. And some cuteness to balance out the weirdness.
  • I’ve only visited Des Moines, IA a few times but enjoyed each visit. Not enough to contemplate living there but this crazy-ass house is on the market. It has a House on the Rock vibe about it.
  • I love this photo series. And I can totally relate. Photographer Explores Loss Of Faith and Family in ‘Next of Kin’. Another fabulous photo series, Mullets, tie-dye and shopping at Tape World: New book sheds light on the American mall in the 1980s - and the off-duty style of shoppers that defined a generation. Oh the memories.
  • Speaking of photos, a new trend was being widely condemned recently. And I’ll admit my knee-jerk reaction to it was “how disrespectful! how narcissistic!” But others have made some interesting points. Selfies at Funerals: Why People Freak Out when Technology Mixes with Death “What we humans forget is that death’s persistence means that we will persistently invent new kinds of death rituals.” And also this - “The Death Ref Technology Law: Any use of new technology that involves death, dying, and/or the dead body will be simultaneously rejected as a breakdown in human civility as well as embraced as an innovative turn for human grieving.”

I feel like I’m out and about a fair amount and keep up with new restaurants and whatnot. But I was taken aback when I saw Cool Hunting’s Minneapolis guide and realized how many spots on their list I haven’t gotten around to visiting yet. Need to remedy that, impending winter or not. Our first snow of the season fell last night but it’s mostly melted already. And there’s bright sunshine. I may try to ride my bike again before nightfall.

Kitten Forever music video shoot at Skateville

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