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The Loom of the Land

My wanderlust flares up regularly. An itch I can’t always scratch. I *could* blame it on social media but in the olden days before the information super highway I was hooked on travel shows on public television. Now with twitter, instagram, facebook, pinterest and other sm channels it’s more immediate and intimate. People I know or are acquainted with are traveling - to places I would like to visit and in ways I would do so. More observation than complaint. And AirBNB sure is handy. I’ve been looking at places to stay in Seattle and Portland, for my son’s Spring break, and I shared our top picks with friends who live in both cities. With their help I’ve figured out which are our best candidates. We’re getting excited about this trip but I would love to go farther afield again. The Perennial Plate has me all nostalgic thinking about my trip to Morocco.

Five mighty fine things for this Wednesday:

  • I splurged. The Nick Cave tour was recently announced and then the specific dates and venues followed. And I managed to get in on the super-fan pre-sale yesterday morning. $182.90 for two tickets! Youch. But the Minneapolis date is just days before my birthday.
  • Speaking of quick-selling tickets, tomorrow will see the return of Ignite Minneapolis, at the Riverview Theater. Tickets sold out in the blink of an eye (as they do every year) but I hope to watch the live stream of it, for a bit at least. Particularly the bit where my photos will be on the big screen for my co-worker’s “Everything You Need to Know to Save a Life” presentation.
  • And more hot tickets? Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special, Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor will be screening at theaters this Saturday, November 23rd. It sold out before I could get in on it but a friend has a spare for me. Phew.
  • A helluva thing that was making the rounds yesterday. This Interactive Video Of Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ Is Insanely Cool - Flip through multiple “TV channels” and watch different shows lip sync the song in its entirety. Speaking of songs…somehow I’d totally missed Low’s cover of a Rihanna song. But I’ve been listening to Stay on repeat today. Bonus? All proceeds from the sale of the song go to Chicago music education organization Rock For Kids.
  • And lastly, this amazing bit: “Watch Joss Whedon Make the Perfect Speech About the Word Feminist” The man nails it. Building on decades of feminist history and, hopefully, bringing an important message to a wider audience.

A couple of weeks ago we made a video for my friends’ band, Kitten Forever. And it is ready now! I only see myself in it in one spot and it looks like I’m scowling. But really I was just trying to concentrate. Rollerskating in a squid costume is kinda hard!

I really do love the Union Depot restoration

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