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Monthly Archives: July 2005

I Can’t Be Rock And Roll Every Night

When I dropped the little man off at school this morning his clothes were smeared with soy yogurt. But I’d noticed too late to do anything about it. Maybe the school staff won’t notice, because they’ll be distracted by the white rubber gloves the kid donned just before dropoff. He’s still fixated on Mario [...]

I Like You More Than Ketchup

Summer GorgeFest ‘05 has now come to an end, as April concluded her visit with us early this morning. But last night we wrapped it up in style, at Galactic, with vegan cheese bread, two 14″ pizzas (one the Paul Bunyan, the other a Pizza Bianca), and three pieces of Muddy Paws vegan cheesecake. But [...]

A Mammoth Entertainment Juggernaut

Still alive. Just busy having a good time with our houseguest. So far we’ve taken the out-of-town vegan to Muddy Paws Cheesecake, Taste of Thailand, Evergreen and the Tea Garden. Still to come, brunch at Seward, pizza at Galactic, and possibly some soy ice cream at Izzy’s. In between all the eating we’ve also [...]

Incapable Of Forgoing A Pleasure

Woke up early this morning to an amazing thunderstorm, but it didn’t rouse the boys…even with the eardrum shattering thunderclaps. But nearly nothing would wake those two - they sleep like the dead. So I enjoyed the storm, leisurely drinking my coffee, while lounging with the cats. And was relieved when I drove out [...]

The Universal Themes Of Loss, Angst, Candy And Damp Clothing

Upon waking up this morning the little man was excited to go back to kindergarten today. That’s always a good sign. And his teacher…oh how I adore his teacher. She emailed me last night, to let me know that day one had gone well. Totally worth the mountains of paperwork required to enroll the [...]

Set Your Tongue To Stun

The internets lied to me. Last night I compulsively checked the Northwest Airlines site, to check the status of the husband’s flight. At 5:40pm the plane was estimated to land at 5:45pm. I figured that was a good time to leave the house…to give us about 20-25 minutes to get there, and for the guys [...]

A Strange And Imperious Zero-gravity Grace

This morning I enjoyed watching Starfire’s Starfire vlog post (that is one beautiful car, and a well done and very Minnesotan story). But something else in it caught my eye, near the beginning. There was a guy on a motorcycle. A motorcylce with a sidecar. And in the sidecar was a little kid. Recently [...]

Two, Two, Two Posts In One

So. The weather. The heat. The humidity. Not so happy about it. When I’m inside somewhere, somewhere blissfully, sinfully cooled by central air, I become energized. And make mental notes of all the tasks I will conquer upon my return home. I’ll powerwash the deck. I’ll clean out and organize the bedroom closets (or [...]

Identity Can Be So Gelatinous Sometimes

Now and again I check in at Whedonesque, to see what’s new with Joss Whedon and his projects, of course, but also to keep tabs on Whedonverse alums. Which is how I found out that Nicholas Brendon, who was Xander on Buffy, has a new show…one that will be on in the same time [...]

Absence Makes The Heart Go Yonder

I’m just going to pencil in a nervous breakdown starting, oh, tomorrow. You see…the husband is leaving me. For an entire week. It’s his first ever business trip. And it’s coinciding with the start of kindergarten at the little man’s new school (it’s a year round program). For the first few years of the [...]