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Monthly Archives: July 2005

More Better Fighto

Like many others, I will now resume my “usual flow of frivolous links and commentary” - because that’s what I do. So. To start with. I nearly wet myself when I saw this Gamagon Kaiju Beast, and these others, by Tim Biskup…and others. But I really can’t drop $55+ on a toy just now, [...]

Baffled And Sad, Humankind’s Most Miserable Combination

So, yeah…London (also see Blogs Respond to London Blasts and the Guardian’s news blog). Unfortunately such horrible things are happening on a regular basis all over the world (some in places more regularly/continuously under siege), and have happened in London in the past, but perhaps not on such a large scale. Still, it sucks. [...]

A Scared Child On The Ground May Panic In The Air

Yesterday went as expected. The Taste of Minnesota was populated by people alarmingly attired in red, white & blue, or clad in too few items of clothing, or a terrible combination of the two. But the people-watching is part of the appeal, I guess. The main draw, however, has to be the rickety carny [...]

The Unsaid Part Of What You’re Thinking

I don’t know about this month. So far it’s been marked by sleep deprivation and exhaustion (I feel like I have mono) and a sort of DSL hell (our connection flakes out whenever it rains). And the poor little man is covered by angry red welts, caused by the mosquito swarms congregating in our [...]