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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Frozen Explosion

Pre-pandemic, I worked with my therapist on mindfulness and being present. But 2020 has changed all that, as we all know. This year has been too chock full of awful moments. I am lucky to be over-employed, which keeps me out of trouble most of the time. When not working, I allow myself to be [...]

Chaotic Ambiance

It is Friday. I made it through another weird week of life during a pandemic. So I want to highlight some of the good things I am thankful for.

Why yes, I would love to zipline into Godzilla’s mouth, thank you very much. What a dream.
Star Trek! The Lower Decks season finale was absolutely perfect [...]

Tiny Daggers in Your Heart

A surreal milestone. My brother Tom was born 50 years ago today. He only lived to be 18. I miss him terribly. But I was by his side throughout his illness and decline. I stayed overnight in his hospital room before he died. I may have been in denial, but I was there with him. [...]