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Monthly Archives: September 2011

When the Stars Started to Slip

I will always have a soft spot for Echo and The Bunnymen, and other such 80s era bands who were major players during my formative years. They helped make me the little gothling/alterna-teen/darksider I was (and still am, I’m currently listening to This Mortal Coil). So I cringe - seriously, it’s almost a phsycial, visceral [...]

Some Hard Goodbyes

It’s all starting to sink in. To feel real. We will be moving. In just over a month. My first move since 1999, when I was single and pregnant. And thus my son’s first move ever. It’s really not *that* far away (maybe six or seven miles from our current location, tops) but the neighborhoods [...]

A Trail of Rainbow Carnage

This week started off with such great promise. The preview breakfast at Aster Cafe on Monday was simply amazing. As was the brutal, beautiful and pummeling Swans show Tuesday night. It was one of those magical evenings at First Ave where I couldn’t turn around without running into someone I know and like. But then [...]

Long Story Short

The deed is done. 12+ years of homeownership/residency is coming to an end. I was approved for the duplex I’d been hoping for and have signed the lease. It’s the one further West, in a fantastic neighborhood that has loads within walking distance, and with all of the other quality-of-life improving bonuses. It will be [...]

What Happens Between the Panels

Twelve years ago today a star was born. I mean my son. Yeah, my son was born twelve years ago today. But he is the star that my life orbits around. And I am a-ok with that. But that doesn’t mean I acquiesce to all of his demands. I don’t get him *everything* he wants. [...]

A Bigger, Brighter World

Feeling a bit calmer and more hopeful this Monday. Maybe everything’s gonna be all right. Thursday and Friday I looked at several oppressively carpeted apartments/condos but also found two very lovely ones, each in fantastic locations. And we may be able to move into one or the other of them sometime after November 1st. I’m [...]

No Static At All

Wow. My re-introduction into the world of renting has been brutal. I have been getting the runaround like nobody’s business. I’ve looked at several apartments now and the only two I actually want? I CANNOT HAZ. The first was the landlady who doesn’t want to rent to someone with a child, even though he’s nearly [...]

The Sound and the Fury

When my son returned from his trip last week I told him someone had finally made an offer on the house (well, two someones but I accepted the best offer). I saw the light bulb flash on over his head “that means no more showings!” Which is what I assumed as well. But one was [...]