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What Happens Between the Panels

Twelve years ago today a star was born. I mean my son. Yeah, my son was born twelve years ago today. But he is the star that my life orbits around. And I am a-ok with that. But that doesn’t mean I acquiesce to all of his demands. I don’t get him *everything* he wants. Like this high-speed personal sports amphibian, for instance. But I did pick up treats for him to share at school today. And after school I will endure the movie of his choice, followed by the dinner of his choosing. When it’s your birthday you should get to run the show, just a bit.

Five good/interesting things:

I have been under the weather this week with a variety of annoying ailments. Culminating in coughing until I vomited last night. Hoping to be on the mend. I am back in the office today and I seem to be in need of a clone for tonight. Not only is it my son’s birthday, tonight a friend is having her bachelorette party. And Perish, the Kitty Cat Klub’s goth night is going on. And there’s a reception at the Black Dog in Lowertown. I’d completely forgotten I allowed the St Paul Almanac to use one of my photos for their 416-page, 180+ photo full color guide - which includes hand-drawn, poster-size, pull-out maps of the City of Saint Paul and Downtown. Neat. We’ll see how many happenings I make it to tonight. I really do need to rest up as I’m shooting my last wedding of the season on Saturday. And checking out other wedding photographer blogs for inspiration. This is a fine example. And all the while I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear if I’ve gotten approved for the duplex of my dreams (thankfully I know we’re approved for the backup apartment, just in case). It’s life plus plus, as always.

12 years ago today everything changed, when this guy was born

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