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A Bigger, Brighter World

Feeling a bit calmer and more hopeful this Monday. Maybe everything’s gonna be all right. Thursday and Friday I looked at several oppressively carpeted apartments/condos but also found two very lovely ones, each in fantastic locations. And we may be able to move into one or the other of them sometime after November 1st. I’m applying for both, just to be on the safe side. One is $200/month more. I’m torn, feeling like I *should* likely go for the less expensive one. But wow, the more expensive one comes with some life-changing amenities. Parking in a garage for the first time in my life sounds so appealing. No scraping ice off the windshield on cold winter mornings. Or attempting to brush all the snow off the top of the car with my stubby T-Rex style arms - there’s always a spot in the middle I can’t quite reach. And that one also has a dishwasher, free laundry in the basement, ceiling fans in every room, a den off of the living room, an attic with stairs off of the kitchen for extra storage, a front porch and a backyard for the boy to play in and for us to kick back with friends. So I know which one I want. So please please please Let me, let me, let me Let me get what I want This time (that’s certainly worked out with the new boyfriend situation).

Five good things:

  • Friday night the boyfriend brought over some goodies including “Hedwig & the Angry Inch.” Can’t believe I hadn’t gotten around to seeing it before! It was WONDERFUL.
  • Attack the Block‘ is finally playing at a theater - exactly one - in the Twin Cities. I plan to see it this week.
  • The boy’s 12th birthday party was a good time yesterday, even if only three other children showed up. The rest were adult children - my friends. Unlimited lazer tag may seem like a grand idea but we were all worn out after just two back-to-back games. Also? Next year I think we’re going to go low key with birthday party outside, at a park.
  • Gorgeous underwater photos with human and non-human animals.
  • My long-time tattoo artist friend Nic Skrade is always booked out months in advance. But a sudden opening came up and he was able to squeeze me in for two tattoos Friday night. My son spent the afternoon/evening hanging out with a friend and his kids while I was under the needle. I couldn’t be happier with how each piece turned out.

It was a weekend of skipping shows. Friday night I was too tender from being tattooed. Contemplating a crowded venue, with people bumping into my bandaged sore bits? Wince-worthy. I would have liked to see Black Moth Super Rainbow on Saturday but I didn’t want to shell out $18 for a Turf Club show. Last night I was bummed but I was way too wiped out by my son’s birthday party to go see Kitchen’s Floor, on tour from Australia (instead I stayed in to watch the destined-to-be-cult-classic ‘Super‘). Tonight I may just get out to see Olivia Tremor Control but chances are I’ll faceplant on my bed by 10pm instead. And sometimes that is a-ok.

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  1. Mehgan wrote:

    I say go for the more expensive apartment. Those bonuses make it worth it.

    Monday, September 12, 2011 at 12:30 pm | Permalink
  2. Sharyn wrote:

    I think you are correct. Really really hoping we get that one! It’s super close to Izzy’s (and Sweets).

    Monday, September 12, 2011 at 1:14 pm | Permalink

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