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No Static At All

Wow. My re-introduction into the world of renting has been brutal. I have been getting the runaround like nobody’s business. I’ve looked at several apartments now and the only two I actually want? I CANNOT HAZ. The first was the landlady who doesn’t want to rent to someone with a child, even though he’s nearly adult-sized. Even worse? The duplex I looked at on Tuesday was ideal. It was as though someone had plucked the perfect place from my thoughts and made it real and shown it to me only to deny me it. The woman I dealt with there was moving out but screening applicants as a favor to her landlord. When she asked who would be living there with me I said my son and our two cats and suddenly the whole vibe changed. Not sure if she objected to my kid or the cats more but she was clearly hell bent on cockblocking me. She wouldn’t even give me an application. Her final word on the matter yesterday didn’t make any sense. She emailed this gibberish:

“Sorry it spears it is going to send to be rented to another party pet the owner.” WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? I’ll stop shouting. Deep breathing now. I’d happily pet the owner to get this place! This only serves to remind me that I haven’t been apartment hunting since the pre-internet era. Back in the day we had to use the telephone to inquire about apartments. So it wasn’t quite so obvious how badly some people communicate via the written word. Anyhow, I looked at a garden level apartment (felt like I was on “Laverne & Shirley“) last night that looked particularly sad and dumpy after seeing the previous splendor. Tomorrow I look at two more places. But I hadn’t realized how much time and energy I’d be expending in this search. Hell, I’ve already looked at more places than I did when I was buying this house.

Let’s roll with five good things now before I start crying:

I’m trying to crawl out from under the doom and gloom and stress stress stress. There is happiness. The boy had had a rough second day at school but we talked it through and got his assignments done. Afterward we played some vintage board games before watching a movie together. And a friend’s recent pinata birthday party was a big hit - HAR!. And I’m getting tattooed again tomorrow night as my guy is able to squeeze me in then. And a very special man-friend sent me some lovely and unexpected flowers. I’ll take the goodness where I can.

The Birthday Girl

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