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Some Hard Goodbyes

It’s all starting to sink in. To feel real. We will be moving. In just over a month. My first move since 1999, when I was single and pregnant. And thus my son’s first move ever. It’s really not *that* far away (maybe six or seven miles from our current location, tops) but the neighborhoods may as well be worlds apart. I’ve never fit into our current one. My block, in particular. Over the years I’ve tried making friends or at least making nice but for the most part? My immediate neighbors won’t even make eye contact with me. And suddenly there are reports of crime on the rise, violent and otherwise: Police counter gang attacks on St. Paul’s West Side. I can’t wait to be out of here for good. But in the mean time I am hosting a few small farewell salon-style events. The first was a great success. And I’ve also found some suitable caretakers to live in the house, temporarily, in that bit of time between our move and the actual closing. To help cover some of the expenses (homeowners insurance, utilities) and to shovel the sidewalks and whatnot.

And now five good things for the middle of the week:

Without jinxing myself I want to say things do seem to be looking up for us, in general. The impending move. I’ve gotten a smattering of freelance gigs. Some wonderful friends. My AMAZING boyfriend. And hey, my kid! He has come such a long way. Particularly at his current school. One of his teachers just mentioned that, since the beginning of the year, he has taken on the responsibility of escorting another student with autism - a kindergartner - to his school bus after school every day. And my sweet sweet son had never thought to mention it to me. It was just this thing he was doing without a second thought. Because he clearly remembers what it was like being a younger and more easily overwhelmed kid with autism.

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