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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Tap-Dancing My Way Out

Ok, ok, I was feeling pretty darned low yesterday but getting out of the house totally did the trick. Still not feeling 100% but some errand-running and light socializing have made me feel more human. And a much happier human at that. Hopefully I can make up for lost time and still see this year [...]

Sunshine Made Her Cry

It’s been quiet around here. Guess I’ve been going the “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” route. But this really isn’t how I wanted to close out my year. Sickly, sad, disappointed and deeply discontented. Who knows though. Maybe I can rally by the end of the week. [...]

Position and Place

Over the years I’ve tried to fashion strong holiday traditions for my son. But sometimes I’m afraid too many of them are tinged by sadness, or have been marred by stress. This holiday season I’ve maybe worked too much and not been playful enough. And with our very small family so spread out, too often [...]

There Is Room For Silence

You would think winter would slow us down some. That the drop in temperatures would impede our forward momentum, like frogs in a refrigerator. But it’s been just the opposite lately. We’ve been all go no slow, with holiday gatherings, photo shoots, errand running and other functions. At least my giftmas shopping is done. Maybe [...]

…And Then What Happened?

The kid and I managed to survive the blizzardings with a little help from friends (but not much from the neighbors - the ones who sued me earlier in the year actually shoveled snow from their driveway and dumped it into mine). A snow dragon may have helped things but we’ll be all right.
How about [...]

Drinking to Elevation

My bloodline began in the Mediterranean. Maybe it’s time to return to warmer climes. This happens year after year and I’m sick of complaining about it. I hate going into broken record mode when I know I live in a place that is so clearly inhospitable to human life. After this weekend’s blizzard dumped over [...]

A Gift Beyond Measure

My life is far from perfect, but it sure doesn’t suck. I have an amazing son. A comfortable home. Wonderful friends and co-workers. A place of employment where I’m allowed to be myself while balancing work with the demands of single parenthood and learning and growing as a human. This is in danger of becoming [...]

We All Shine On

I remember the day Reagan got shot. I was seven years old and unfazed by this assassination attempt. Mostly I was annoyed that I couldn’t watch cartoons after school that day because the news media had taken over every channel. But just a few months before that? I know I was heartbroken and sobbing after [...]

Separate But Intersecting Lifestyles

Living in a big city with a small town feel has its perks, as well as its drawbacks. Saturday night we opted to dine out. I left the restaurant choice to my son. He chose Evergreen. I agreed, only because it was on the same street as our eventual destination. But the thing that’s hard [...]

Keeping You In My Corner

Snowed in tonight when I’d expected to be seeing TV Ghost at the Turf Club. Instead I’m home, drinking the last of the beer the now ex-boyfriend left in my fridge, and listening to Low’s “A Lifetime of Temporary Relief” - likely not the best choices, all things considered. Friday night pity party! How about [...]