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Separate But Intersecting Lifestyles

Living in a big city with a small town feel has its perks, as well as its drawbacks. Saturday night we opted to dine out. I left the restaurant choice to my son. He chose Evergreen. I agreed, only because it was on the same street as our eventual destination. But the thing that’s hard about Evergreen? Without fail I run into one of my exes there. Not the worst thing in the world, certainly. But it can make for a moderately awkward meal with a side helping of mixed emotions. Naturally this was the case Saturday night, with my ex-husband and his friends (many of whom had been friends of mine) sitting on one side of us while on the other? An awkward first date. The couple had clearly met online and the man’s only conversational gambits involved sports. I doubt there will be a second date. But I could be wrong. It seems I often am when it comes to relationships. And now I’m paying the price with the most recent ex. We had spent much of this year sort of knitting together our lives and our circles of friends, like you do. Some overlap of mutual friends already existed but it became tighter. Hopefully the uncomfortable phase will end soon and we can return to more cordial relations. But we aren’t quite there yet. These things take time.

How about five better things?

  • Saturday night we joined friends in the studio for a bit, during their Voytek recording party.
  • Not sure that this will *actually* happen, but it’s a very cool idea - “The Minnesota Film and TV Board has an intriguing idea to keep the St. Paul Ford plant rolling: convert it into a film-production facility.”
  • I’ve been enjoying the new-ish blog of Christine Castro Hughes (formerly of
  • A ramen noodle recipe, making the noodles from scratch. I’d give that a go.
  • I may go see the Marwencol documentary tomorrow:
    “Like all accomplished war photographers, Mark Hogancamp puts himself at risk. He shoots fugitive moments of violence, anguish, and bravery. But Hogancamp’s work differs from others’ in one key respect: The combat zones he enters don’t entirely exist in the real world. It’s the battlefield of his emotions that he’s trying to capture on film.”

How’d we get smack dab in the middle of the holidays already? The boy is all Santa this and Santa that (unsurprisingly children with autism spectrum disorder tend to cling to that belief longer than neurotypical children - so shhhhhhh). He is especially fixated on the making of holiday cookies for Santa which I’ll be eating late on Christmas Eve, I guess. Last year I tried my hand at making Christmas cookies but it was a little bit of a hassle. My co-op comes to the rescue! I love them and they’re loving me back with this handy holiday cookie recipe.

Everyone loves holiday cookies, though few people have the time to make several varieties. 3 Days to the rescue! Here is a master dough recipe that you can easily vary to produce cookies with three distinctive flavors and appearances. These are delicate, crunchy cookies made with the season’s nuts, and each of them will win you raves.

Maybe that will be an activity for this coming weekend, when the kiddo’s awesome aunt comes to visit. There are some good times coming up and for that I am thankful. Full speed ahead!

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