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Drinking to Elevation

My bloodline began in the Mediterranean. Maybe it’s time to return to warmer climes. This happens year after year and I’m sick of complaining about it. I hate going into broken record mode when I know I live in a place that is so clearly inhospitable to human life. After this weekend’s blizzard dumped over two feet of snow on us the winds kicked in, making the snowdrifts pile up like crazy and impeding shoveling efforts. Adding insult to injury with dangerously sci-fi cold windchills. Yesterday I noticed my BBQ grill was almost completely buried. Today? My car. How am I supposed to get this out? The kid did suit up to go outside and “help” me shovel, but for him that mostly involved diving into snowdrifts and frolicking with the neighbor’s adorable Alaskan Huskies. A couple of friends have offered to head over here from Minneapolis to assist, but I worry about them getting stuck along the way. The City of St. Paul has all of their snowfighting equipment out now but the sheer volume of snow is making process slower than normal and they’ve only just begun on the day routes. My street is a night route. I have a feeling we’ll be staying put for a while yet. Which means missing out on yet more events. A baby shower and a holiday cookie exchange. But I have been catching up on some To Do list tasks. Like preparing my annual “12 Months of Parker” calendar for family and friends.

Thankfully I thought to stock up on supplies before it all hit. We’re doing all right with groceries. I still have some beer (alas, no wine) and brandy and schnapps. Now trying to decide if I should make potato pancakes or apple latkes or maybe both. Hmm.

all that glitters

Bonus: Watching video of the Metrodome collapse is pretty awesome - as in an awesome force of nature having its way with mankind’s feeble attempts to keep it at bay.


  1. A-K wrote:

    Luckily I trudged to the liquor store down the street and have some tasty beaujolais to accompany me while I mix up some St. Lucia rolls. Thanks for that video link, it made me laugh!

    Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 12:27 pm | Permalink
  2. kjrsten wrote:

    Oh dear. I just looked at the picture of your car. :(

    Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm | Permalink

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