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Position and Place

Over the years I’ve tried to fashion strong holiday traditions for my son. But sometimes I’m afraid too many of them are tinged by sadness, or have been marred by stress. This holiday season I’ve maybe worked too much and not been playful enough. And with our very small family so spread out, too often I feel like we don’t really belong anywhere. Except for at our house. Together. With our cats. Speaking of…it’s not all gloom and doom. Last night the lad and I spent a good chunk of time together, cuddling while looking at photos of fat cats and tiny animals. And we’re all set, Giftmas-wise. I can’t wait until the kiddo wakes up Christmas morning! He has the patience to wait, more so than I do. Watching him finally tear into everything is always so satisfying. And hey, yesterday I received some pretty amazing secret satan/santa gifts myself.

Five other good things for this Christmas Eve Eve:

My son has spent today with some lovely friends, sledding and running around outside with their kids and neighbor kids (wish we lived in their neighborhood). We’ve always had more friends than family. But tomorrow we’ll see my folks and have the annual viewing of the Pee Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special. Before that? I’ve promised to bake more holiday cookies. For Santa. Yep. They’ll be going in my belly tomorrow night.



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