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There Is Room For Silence

You would think winter would slow us down some. That the drop in temperatures would impede our forward momentum, like frogs in a refrigerator. But it’s been just the opposite lately. We’ve been all go no slow, with holiday gatherings, photo shoots, errand running and other functions. At least my giftmas shopping is done. Maybe the silence and hermitude will hit some time after the holidays, but it seems unlikely this year. As it looks like we’re finally getting a roommate who will be a good fit for us. This will mean saying goodbye to the Lady Cave, but hello to a similarly minded lovely lady friend.

Among other recent highlights? Taking my son to see the new Tron movie. My brother would have loved it! And we really ought to see it again, in the company of my Dad. As much as we enjoyed it let’s turn to the Tron guy himself, who reviewed Legacy for Wired. If our funds were less limited I’d be taking the kid to stay in the Tron Legacy room at Sweden’s Ice Hotel. But I draw the line at baffling Tron fashions in some sort of Tron musical. Eek.

Some families have been able to reschedule portrait photo sessions after the last two weekends of blizzards. At one such session yesterday I was kindly given a 35mm Minolta X-370, with two lenses and an external flash. It needs a little TLC but the manual is available online. I hope to have some fun with it in the coming year.

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  1. My first camera was a X370. They are nice little camera’s!

    Sunday, December 19, 2010 at 4:50 pm | Permalink

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