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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Reader Meet Author

It is well-known that Neil Gaiman makes me weak at the knees. He has long been an all-time favorite author. Imagine my delight when he strolled by at the airport yesterday. I quickly realized he’d be on my flight, as he lives just outside the Twin Cities. And I mentioned it on twitter moments before [...]

Steady As She Goes

Overall it was another excellent birthday. But, like last year’s, it’s unfortunate how the brief bits of bad can make more of an impression than the heaping hunks of good. I kicked off the morning with my Dad singing “Happy Birthday to Us” (I was born on his 29th bday). All day I was flooded [...]

Peering Anxiously Beyond the Horizon

And here we are, barreling through yet another week, while I remind myself to take deep breaths. We’ve had a Swine Flu scare, abundant and blazingly hot hot heat - with time spent in the wading pool, my son’s last week of third grade, my Dad’s last week on the job, more half-assed roommate hunting, [...]

Every Temporary Measure of Grace

Times get tough and I turn to escapism, as always. This week’s stress has rendered me a sleep-deprived disaster, feeling fuzzy and foggy much of the time. Not exactly conducive to productivity. But this altered state of mind has led to even more Netflix Instant viewing, most notably a mini marathon of 30 Rock season [...]

The Deeply Transactional Nature of Our Lives

It was a very quiet weekend, by our standards. Partially due to the poor condition of my finances, but also because the boy and I were in dire need of some downtime. Even if that alleged downtime included swimming at the YWCA, a playdate with some other kiddos, and a visit to the drive-in theater [...]

A Carnival of Fury

Things were supposed to be on the calm and quiet tip. Naturally it was a frustrating week of vexing vexation instead. Red Hot Art in the rain was a bust. I’m still upset about my son’s hair being shorn. And the same third grader has been giving him grief at school (which is year-round). I’ve [...]

The Effort We Are Engaged In

A close friend remarked upon this here blog recently, that he was unable to comprehend why others (especially those who don’t know me personally) would find it so compelling. He dismissed it by saying “well, you’re no George Orwell.” Oh really now? Looking over recent entries in George Orwell’s diaries, I beg to differ. Sure, [...]

Tears In Rain

Is it too soon to laugh about it? The Red Hot Art Festival wound up being a ridiculously gray cold festival…of pain! Well, more like discomfort really. Lousy Smarch weather! Day one had temperatures hovering at just fifty degrees. We huddled under our wall-less tent in the constant rain for TEN HOURS. And too late [...]

A Knack for Serendipity

In the midst of Red Hot Art prep mode, I thought I’d throw out five somewhat related good things:

I’ve just located my wayward power drill! Needed for the last minute assembly of a pegboard display contraption this evening.
Also down to the wire, my rush-ordered MOO business cards arrived this morning. Naturally they turned up when [...]

Unwillingness To Surrender

Too much of yesterday was spent in sad panda mode. A close friend left on a jet plane, leaving his life here behind. He’ll be coming back to visit when he can but for the next two years his home will be in the South. Not exactly an expatriate, unless the South attempts to secede [...]