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A Knack for Serendipity

In the midst of Red Hot Art prep mode, I thought I’d throw out five somewhat related good things:

  • I’ve just located my wayward power drill! Needed for the last minute assembly of a pegboard display contraption this evening.
  • Also down to the wire, my rush-ordered MOO business cards arrived this morning. Naturally they turned up when I had just gotten naked to hop in the shower. My son answered the door and shouted upstairs that the mail carrier required my signature. Despite the slight hassle, I am glad the cards are here. Though I might be regretting my paper choice. The eco-friendly option isn’t quite as attractive as the planet-ruining kind. Oh wells.
  • Our first CSA delivery arrived Wednesday. We went with a different farm this year. Not to disparage our previous provider, but I have a HUGE crush on Jackson Hollow already. Love their web-friendliness (in addition to their site our farmers make frequent updates to twitter, and email newsletters to participants), their cute apple baskets, and the produce! I’ve been enjoying delicious salads this week with Cherry Belle radishes on top. Mmmm.
  • The ex-husband. Just in general. My son and I haven’t got much family to speak of, and I regularly thank my lucky stars that this kind man has chosen to remain a constant in my son’s life. So thank you.
  • And my lovely son, as always. The last couple of weeks he has made some gains, socially, particularly with the neighbor kids. It’s been on again/off again as they’ve gotten older. The neurotypical kids don’t always know what to make of him, and he’s often been oblivious to it. But he seems to have grown more of an awareness of such things, and I have been trying to grant him more independence while cutting back on the hovering. But there I am. “Oh, don’t mind me kids, I’m just watering the front lawn. Again.” Really, it needs it. Right?
first CSA delivery of the season

Bonus: The lovely and talented Sheela Namakkal will be making news tonight! Her Miel y Leche catering will be featured on Kare 11, along with the ladies of Mitrebox and artist Amy Rice.
Plus: Locals Gay Beast have been making noise in New York this week, and even got a mention in the New Yorker (the Night Life section).
And: I’m sad I missed Julie Doiron’s show last night, but Kirstie caught her in Chicago. And I have made up for it, partially, by listening to her latest today.

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