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Monthly Archives: November 2002

Fly Me To The Moon

You know what I’m thankful for right now? Italians. It’s their stylishness and inventiveness in design that I’ve long admired. Today, specifically, it’s our mutual appreciation of moon boots. Who else would be offering the entire Tecnica line, in so many enticing colors? (Well, I guess Tecnica USA does, but their site sucks.) I [...]

Amazingly Quiet

You got me, I’ve been swiping my recent headlines from the weather forecast. Thank you Paul Douglas. My excuse? A higher-end headache on the verge of becoming a low-end migraine, combined with a lingering low-grade cold. The combo has been robbing me of any creativity I may possess. Glamorous, no. Pathetic, yes. I’m hoping, [...]

Mysteriously Quiet

I’m currently pondering questions that have been fleshed out elsewhere. Issues like “How public is a weblog?” and “Are we, as creators and publishers of content, afforded any rights to privacy?” It’s an issue of netiquette and a topic of great debate. It’s long been of interest to me, but recently hit too close [...]

Seasonably Cool

Weird week. More on that later. What the weatherman is saying: “We still don’t see any major knock-down, drag-out storms brewing for the next 5 or 6 days.” Honestly I’m a little disappointed. This Fall has been colder than usual, but not in any notable, interesting way. Yesterday morning marked the first time I [...]

Happy Mutant Lives

I finally did it. After years of intending to, I finally whipped together an online portfolio. Recently I’ve had more inquiries about freelance web work. These days I have a limited amount of time to work on such projects, so I have to be more selective. But that means the projects I do end [...]

Sweet Child Of Mine

Let’s blame it on bad parenting. Because I am queen of multi-tasking. Ok, maybe viscountess. I try to do too much and feel like I’m doing none of it as well as I’d like. I perform daily triage to determine which tasks get green-lighted. It’s a constant struggle between the day job, the little [...]

Dark Crusader, Defender Of Liberty

Dang. Once again I skipped a day’s worth of Neil Gaiman’s journal, and it bit me in the ass. So to speak. He posted some great stuff. Including a heads up that last night’s Fresh Air would feature interviews with two of my favorite guys. Bruce Campbell and Frank Miller. And I missed it. [...]

She’s Nobody’s Angel

But she sure is divine. Today I came across a great Neko Case article. I’d just been thinking about her, and how I hadn’t gotten around to posting about her fabulous Chicago show (I still intend to post a rundown of the trip soon). I got goosebumps from reading the article…while listening to her [...]

Animal House

My house is trying to kill J. He moved in with us a few months back, against everyone’s better judgment. For the most part things have been great. If you can overlook the wheezing and hacking and itchy eyes and frequent inhaler usage. You see, the poor man is asthmatic and seriously allergic to [...]

Other Technical Difficulties

We have passed through potty-training purgatory and have officially entered potty-training hell. //alert If you don’t want to know the gory details, gentle reader, I suggest you move on. //end alert Several months back, when the little man was about to graduate from daycare, I set out to find the best possible pre-school environment [...]