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Monthly Archives: November 2002

No One Hears Your Screams

It was a weekend fraught with technical difficulties. Our usually stable server has been dying at the same time every night. It’s been faced with the Linux equivalent of the Windoze blue screen of death. The root of the problem seems to be some process or another that Dave had tinkered with. Hopefully he’ll [...]

Suffocation By Seaweed

As though I weren’t sufficiently embarrassed by walking around all day with a burn mark on my cheek (self-inflicted this morning while I was using the curling iron), I nearly inflicted sudden death upon my person this afternoon. Whilst eating leftovers at my desk. My co-workers took notice when I started making sounds far [...]

A Thousand Apologies

I owe J an apology. I may have overreacted. Just a tad bit. A few weeks back something came up. I’d been working late frequently…and the long days resulted in an aching back. Well, achier than usual. For my birthday I’d received a gift certificate for a one hour massage, but had been too [...]

Avian Fashion

I’m going to have to re-think my relationship with the Nicollet Mall. For some time now I’ve been eating my lunch at my desk, more often than not. It’s not some oddball agoraphobia. No, it’s a product of my environment. In my feast or famine workplace, I’m often too busy to leave my desk [...]

Ég Skil Ekki

When I went to bed last night the race was too close to call. Well, I woke up to a whole new world. All right, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But now several of my closest friends will be moving to Iceland, along with my little family unit. Sjáumst síðar!

Cultural Deadlock

I’ve already pointed out today’s holiday, so I guess I should make mention of that other thing. No, not the new Buffy episode (though it promises to be a funny one). That other deal. The thing that cannot be escaped. It’s in the news everywhere. Even being closely followed in the UK. Yep, I [...]

Burn Baby Burn

This date marks yet another holiday, and no, it’s not a Catholic one. Though I guess it sort of has something to do with Catholicism. Dang. You got me. It’s Bonfire Night in the UK. Back in 1605 Catholics in England were having a rough go of it, so a few of them got [...]

Office Of The Dead

No it’s not from Beetlejuice. Or a Nicolas Cage movie. Or some Evil Dead version of Office Space. The Office of the Dead is the liturgy read at mass each November 2nd, which is All Souls’ Day. It’s also known as Day of the Dead, not to be confused with the unfortunate George Romero [...]

All Saints’ Day

I’ll admit it. I was, half-heartedly, raised Catholic. Though, as Jessamyn recently put it, I’ve never been a big believer in a “capital-G God”. Nor am I a big fan of organized religion. But there is something oddly comforting, and/or intriguing, about the religious rites of my youth. Especially midnight mass. Sure, the celebration [...]

Slow News Day

I’ve always been something of a freak magnet. But I can’t let that stop me from going out and about, now can I? Earlier I decided to wander a bit over my lunch break, to prevent myself from nodding off at my desk. Went through the skyway to check out the new movie theater [...]