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Slow News Day

I’ve always been something of a freak magnet. But I can’t let that stop me from going out and about, now can I? Earlier I decided to wander a bit over my lunch break, to prevent myself from nodding off at my desk. Went through the skyway to check out the new movie theater (it just opened in downtown’s most recent example of atrocious architecture). I was heading down the down escalator, as you do, as an odd young man was making his way up it. I must have glanced down at him just long enough (thinking, what the devil is he doing?) for him to take it as his cue to speak to me. Apropos of nothing he told me “hey, last night I saw this guy with a costume made entirely out of duct tape”. Er, that’s nice. It actually would be kind of neat, I guess. Perhaps this guy has some telepathic ability and could tell that, out of the hordes of downtown workers swarming around us, I was the one who would appreciate this bit of information the most.