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Halloween Goosebumps

Happy Halloween! Unfortunately it’s our state’s coldest in a while. The past few have been warmer than average. One was downright balmy (sunny 70s in 2000). Today we’ll be lucky if it stays above freezing for trick or treating. Not that we’re going out. I spent a portion of last evening preparing the porch and front walkway for the neighborhood kiddies. I’m hoping the little man will be happy to stay in, and maybe even join me in handing out the treats. But I’m afraid he’ll whine “mine” and pitch a fit each time I try to give some away. We’ll see. He did look incredibly cute this morning. He wore his monkey costume to my office party, but he was practically catatonic for the duration of his visit. As Monsters, Inc was playing on a giant screen. When he did manage to unglue himself from it, it was only to scavenge for candy. Or to pester a kid who was dressed up as Buzz Lightyear (a perennial fave of his). Hopefully the pre-school party went well. Dropped him off five minutes late…and was scolded by his teacher (yikes, now that was scary). I suspect he’ll be that delightful combo of hyper+tired+crabby when I retrieve him this afternoon. But what kid won’t be by the end of the day? And it is only once a year.

the monkey