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Monthly Archives: May 2011

This Strange and Savage Season

Last Tuesday I stepped out of the river rapids of my crazy busy life and into a magical stream of time out of time. I am, of course, referring to the bliss that is a PIZZA FARM adventure. My first for 2011. A few of our friends had never been, including Jon, who also took [...]

All Elbows and Angles

The smallness and incestuousness of this town can lead to many awkward situations and strained friendships. But I try to blow it all off and have myself a good time anyhow. And I’ve been succeeding! So much so that I haven’t had much spare time. Instead I have:

Enjoyed Science Museum MAKE Day / and the [...]

The Mechanics of Charisma

The next several weekends will be incredibly busy. But busy is good. Busy can help keep me from stewing in my own juices. Soon we head downtown St. Paul for stops at MPR and the Science Museum. And possibly the fairly recently opened Black Sheep Pizza.
Five things I’ve been meaning to post about:

The first Twin [...]

A Pleasant Whipsaw of Contrasts

Been keeping busy, trying to back burner the pity party. The gloomy weather isn’t helping but interesting times are. Last night a friend and I headed down to The Fitzgerald Theater, to see Sarah Vowell. She’s promoting her latest book, Unfamiliar Fishes, about the collision of cultures when missionaries and whalers descended upon Hawaii at [...]

Over and Over

My brother Tom died 22 years ago today. I was already bummed out enough without the weight of this anniversary knocking me on my ass. It was a tough weekend, in a lot of ways. My phone couldn’t send or receive text messages but I didn’t know it was due to technical difficulties until yesterday. [...]

Transcendency in Human Connections

Today I am back among my people. Yesterday I was off-site all day at a training workshop. It was valuable information and was delivered well via the trainer and training materials, but the other attendees were a reminder…of what it’s like for many IT professionals out there in very corporate environments, where relationships can be [...]

Trying to Find Level Ground

I may not know where we will live, or when, but I have taken up permanent residency somewhere between a rock and a hard place. I’m not a fan of uncertainty. I’m growing weary of inhabiting these gray areas for prolonged periods and am increasingly frustrated by being stuck in the in-between. I’m still being [...]