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All Elbows and Angles

The smallness and incestuousness of this town can lead to many awkward situations and strained friendships. But I try to blow it all off and have myself a good time anyhow. And I’ve been succeeding! So much so that I haven’t had much spare time. Instead I have:

We wound up missing out on Art A Whirl this year, partially because of the weather (rain + outdoor events make me go meh) but also as I was shooting a wedding on Saturday, and we had a friend and his kids over on Friday. This coming weekend is supposed to be gorgeous but I’ll spend much of it indoors, at The Loring Theater, for Heliotrope Eight. It’s one of the highlights of every year, awkward social interactions be damned.

Speaking of awkward…my poor kid. He had made a HUGE breakthrough and had come to enjoy reading over the last couple of months. But his teacher threw a wrench in the works. She’s been trying to switch things up. Having him choose a book he wants to read, alternated with an offering of three books she’s chosen. Some have kept his interest but this last batch? None were up his alley. He has struggled over the last week to get through the latest. And no wonder. It was a Judy Blume book. Her books would make anyone squirm. But maybe not so much as the puberty/sex ed talk I’ve signed him up for at school. Now that’s going to be one fun day.

Grant with one fake eye

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