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Trying to Find Level Ground

I may not know where we will live, or when, but I have taken up permanent residency somewhere between a rock and a hard place. I’m not a fan of uncertainty. I’m growing weary of inhabiting these gray areas for prolonged periods and am increasingly frustrated by being stuck in the in-between. I’m still being hassled by my bank. I’m trying to get over this break up (even though I knew better). And the latest disappointment? There are some BEAUTIFUL artist loft developments out there that would be absolutely perfect for my son and I, and the rents are in the right range, but they are all part of the Section 42 tax program. Turns out my income is just slightly too high to qualify. But my earnings are too damned low for similar non Section 42 housing - that’s all above and beyond our price range. And I shouldn’t be looking at listings now anyhow, being as I have no idea when we will actually be moving. We could be running in place for another six months or a year or more if we end up going the foreclosure route.

How about five good things instead?

  • I will always have my escapism. Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life looks amazing. The Walker’s screening is sold out so I’ll likely be waiting a spell. But I did catch a showing of the haunting Hanna, proof that action movies don’t have to be mindless. Somehow, during my recent bout with the flu, I was sucked into the silliness of Numb3rs, a show about an FBI agent who uses his math whiz brother to solve crimes. I’m well into season four now (not-so-secret-shame).
  • Monday night I briefly popped into the Aster Cafe for “Frocktails”- the Summer of Dresses 2011 kick off party. The Strib is running a piece about it tomorrow. Naturally a few of my photos from the night are on flickr.
  • An interesting looking experiment…”In the Woods” with Will Oldham, Rufus Wainwright, Questlove, Terrence Howard, Famke Janssen, Yoko Ono and some others working on an interactive, film puzzle
  • A favorite local band, Bruteheart, has a new one coming out and a record release show to mark the event.
  • For some reason Retribution Gospel Choir is playing a free show next Tuesday, at the Fine Line. Not my favorite venue but definitely a favorite band.

This weekend promises to be a little busier than last, thankfully. I need proper distractions to keep my mind off my troubles. So I’m having a few friends over Friday night for some drinking and the burning of things. Saturday is the big Cinco de Mayo parade in our neighborhood, as well as Free Comic Book Day everywhere. The latter is like a treasured holiday to the kid and I. He enjoys seeing the adults dressed up in costume at The Source and I get a kick out of seeing him get such a kick out of it.

for Summer of Dresses

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